New Series of VMCs with Windows-Based CNC

Milltronics USA Inc. added a new series of VMCs to its VM line.

Milltronics USA Inc. added a new series of VMCs to its VM line. The new lineup features the VM2515, VM3018, VM4020 and VM5020 models.

The new models feature X-axis travels ranging from 25" to 50", Y-axis travels ranging from 15" to 20" and Z-axis travels of 20". The reinvented line includes various standard features, such as a 20-pocket double arm ATC, Big-Plus 40-taper spindle, and maximum spindle speed of 10,000 rpm. The VM2515 features an AC spindle motor power of 15/10 hp while the VM3018, VM4020 and VM5020 models include AC spindle motor powers of 20/15 hp.

The series of machines feature double-nut, pre-loaded ballscrews, anchored at both ends, as well as linear motion guides. The double-nut ballscrews apply pressure in opposite directions to the ballscrew which keeps the nut under tension and prevents backlash. The linear motion guides provide rigidity during heavy cutting with low-friction characteristics, the company says. The castings are machined with slot and shoulder for rail, and the rail is then wedged with fasteners to promote straightness and rigidity.

The line is powered by the company’s upgraded Windows-based 9000 CNC Milltronics control that features 120 GB disk storage, 4 GB memory, an increased block processing rate of as many as 3,000 blocks per second, mid-travel tactile keys and an enlarged 15" LCD touch screen. The company will introduce six more VM models which will feature Big-Plus inline 40 taper spindles as well as 50 taper spindles. 

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