Chiron's Five-Axis DZ 22 Meant For High Speeds and Precision


Chiron’s new DZ 22 precision machining center features twin spindles and a moving gantry design to rapidly and precisely machine various large, complex parts.

Dillon Manufacturing Launches New Line of Vise Jaws


Dillon Manufacturing’s new line of vise jaws comes in a variety of materials, blanks and hardnesses, with an option for a wear-resistant Carbinite coating.

Open Mind Updates HyperMill CAD/CAM to 2021.1


Open Mind’s 2021.1 HyperMill update includes features that give programmers unprecedented control and flexibility, like editing toolpaths after generation.

Bystronic Introduces High-Powered 15kW ByStar Fiber Models


Bystronic has launched its ByStar Fiber 3015 and 4020, which include a new, high-powered 15kW laser for enhanced power and productivity.

Big Kaiser Releases Smallest Yet EWN Boring Heads


Big Kaiser has debuted two smaller sizes of its EWN Smart Damper precision boring heads, which it says eliminate vibration in deep-hole finish boring.

Mitutoyo MeasurLink Collection Scheduler Automates Measuring


Mitutoyo's Collection Scheduler module for its MeasureLink suite helps shops keep track of measurement processes across multiple batches or machines.

Jorgensen EcoFilter Conveyors Improve Chip Filtration


Jorgensen designed its EcoFilter Conveyor to separate fine metal chips from coolant, reducing maintenence downtime while requiring no consumables.

Halter CNC Automation Adds Small-Footprint Halter Compact


Halter CNC Automation’s Halter Compact line of loading robots can load and unload up to a 26.45-pound payload while maintaining a small footprint.

Walter Xtra-tec XT M5012 Comes Fully Ground or Sintered


Walter’s Xtra-tec XT M5012 ships in fully ground and sintered configurations, increasing the cost-effectiveness and precision of this versatile face mill.

Tormach xsTech and PathPilot Hub Enable Remote CNC Learning


Tormach’s xsTech provides a small, fully featured option for CNC machining, and is fully compatible with PathPilot Hub, Tormach’s free digital twin software.