Starrag SIP Assembling Top-of-the-Line Jig Boring Machines


Starrag SIP says the jig boring machines it is assembling for an aerospace customer consistently produce high-precision results with no material wastage.

Offline Glebar CNC Wheel Dresser Boosts Grinding Efficiency


Glebar Company has released its new, offline DM-9CNC Wheel Dresser, which offers CNC-based contour dressing for grinding wheels.

Innovative Engineered Solutions Launches Electric Saw Line


Innovative Engineered Solutions’ line of quick-change electric upcut tube saws compliments the company's growing portfolio of green technology solutions.

Jenoptik's F-Theta Lens Withstands Kilowatt-Powered Lasers


Jenoptik’s F-Theta lens continues the Silverline lens tradition of high durability and high precision, while its design prevents back reflections.

Carmex Multi-Function Milling Tool is Versatile, Durable


Carmex’s Multi-Function Milling Tool performs six milling operations on a single tool, while maintaining high performance and durability.

Siemens Launches Industrial Edge Management System


Version 1.0 of Siemens’ Industrial Edge Management system allows for remote edge device monitoring and secure software updates.

Glebar PG-9DHD Form Grinder Reduces Green Ceramic Scrap Rate


Glebar’s PG-9DHD Centerless Form Grinder specializes in grinding pre-sintered ceramic shafts without chipping or breaking.

LK Metrology's Metrology Gate Provides Remote Reports


LK Metrology has launched Metrology Gate, a web-based Industry 4.0 solution for monitoring and controlling inspection activities.

Kennametal Says Its PCD Tools Outperform Carbide Tools


Kennametal has debuted a line of PCD tools, including drills, reams and end mills, that it says improves upon carbide tooling for aluminum and aluminum-alloy machining.

YG-1's i-One Drill and Tool Holder System Decreases Wear


The combination of exchangeable micro-grain carbide drill inserts and tool steel holders in YG-1’s i-One system provides what the company says is exceptional tool life.