New product announcements from suppliers of machine tools, cutting tools, manufacturing software providers and other suppliers of manufacturing technology.

PUBLISHED: 12/26/2019

Emuge Expands FPC Chuck Line with Slim Models

Emuge has expanded its line of FPC Milling/ Drilling Chucks products to include Slim Line models that are designed to enhance five-axis machining productivity and versatility.

PUBLISHED: 12/26/2019

Romi's C-Series Lathes Accommodate Parts Weighing 110,000 lbs

Romi's C series of heavy-duty flatbed CNC lathes are built with monoblock cast iron beds for optimum rigidity, accuracy and performance.

PUBLISHED: 12/19/2019

Fastenal's Product Locator Simplifies, Speeds Part Vending

Fastenal’s Product Locator application, which functions in conjunction with the company’s tool vending device, is designed to simplify and refine product searches based on either location or part.

PUBLISHED: 12/19/2019

Boehringer VDF 221/226 CET Meets Evolving Demands in Crankshaft Machining

Responding to the need for higher productivity and efficiency in crankshaft machining, Boehringer, a member of FFG, introduces its VDF 221/226 CET.

PUBLISHED: 12/17/2019

NCG CAM v17.0 Updates UI with Ribbon Design

NCG CAM v17 features an updated user interface whose ribbon design organizes the program into a series of tabs at the top of a window.

PUBLISHED: 12/16/2019

Index Traub's Data-Driven iX4.0 Software Connects and Monitors Machine Tools

Index Traub offers iX4.0, which integrates Index and Traub machines as digital twins.

PUBLISHED: 12/10/2019

Mitutoyo's MiScan Measures Microscopic Part Features

Mitutoyo America’s MiScan, a multi-sensor microscopic-form measurement system, combines coordinate measuring machine (CMM) and optical measurement technology.

PUBLISHED: 12/10/2019

Carr Lane's Hoist Eye 360 Rotates Fully When Pulling at Any Angle

Carr Lane’s Hoist Eye 360 is a forged lifting eye that can be rotated 360 degrees after installation in order to align with the pulling direction.

PUBLISHED: 12/9/2019

Unisig's UNE Gundrilling Machines Enable Flexibility for Growth

Unisig’s UNE series of gundrilling machines is designed to provide operational flexibility, improved performance and easy operation for shops in the firearms, automotive, medical, energy, military and aerospace industries.

PUBLISHED: 12/6/2019

Kitamura's Mycenter-HX300iG 400 Combines Large Work Area in Small Footprint

Kitamura Machinery’s Mycenter-HX300iG/400 expands the company’s small-footprint HMC offering, providing heavy-duty cutting, accuracy and reliability.