New product announcements from suppliers of machine tools, cutting tools, manufacturing software providers and other suppliers of manufacturing technology.

PUBLISHED: 5/4/2020

Tungaloy Adds Changeable-Head Tool to Drilling Grade Series

Tungaloy is expanding its AH9130 drill head grade series to include the DMP drill head line from the DrillMeister changeable-head drill series.

PUBLISHED: 5/1/2020

Nakamura-Tome JX-250 Multitasking Turn-Mill Provides Large Work Area

The Nakamura-Tome JX-250 multitasking turning center from Methods Machine Tools provides a large work area for milling and turning of complex parts.

PUBLISHED: 5/1/2020

DeHoff 3060 Bores Railcar Hopper Bins

The DeHoff 3060, available from Kays Engineering, is a single-axis boring machine designed for applications in the railroad industry.

PUBLISHED: 4/29/2020

TopSolid 2020 Provides Improvements to CAD and CAM Interoperability

TopSolid 2020 (v 7.14) CAD/CAM software includes several applications that communicate associatively with each other.

PUBLISHED: 4/27/2020

Seco Expands JETI Technology for General ISO Turning

Seco Tools has expanded its Jetstream Tooling Integrated (JETI) technology with a range of toolholders for general ISO turning.

PUBLISHED: 4/27/2020

L.S. Starrett's MetLogix Mx200 DRO Streamlines Digital Comparator Tasks

The L.S. Starrett Co. offers the MetLogix Mx200 digital readout (DRO) for its line of optical comparators.

PUBLISHED: 4/23/2020

Kurt's Pyramid Workholding Platform Available in Vise Kits

Kurt offers a pre-engineered set of kits for its Pyramid workholding platform accommodating 12 different vise models.

PUBLISHED: 4/23/2020

Heidenhain's TNC 640 Gen 3 CNC Expands Machining, Monitoring Capabilities

The Gen 3 version of Heidenhain’s TNC 640 machine control is designed for three- to five-axis milling, turning and grinding operations with up to 24 axes.

PUBLISHED: 4/21/2020

Emuge's A-H HSS Taps Designed for Hardened Steel and Cast Iron

Emuge’s A-H family of HSS-E and HSSE-PM taps was designed to provide more standard product solutions for threading hardened steel and cast iron.

PUBLISHED: 4/21/2020

Mastercam's Multiaxis Add-On Improves Four-, Five-Axis Machining Productivity

The Multiaxis add-on for Mastercam 2020 is designed to improve productivity with simultaneous four- and five-axis machining.