Methods Optimizes Three-Axis MV 1600H for Large Workpieces


Methods Machining tools has released its MV 1600H three-axis vertical machining center, which it says can quickly and precisely machine large workpieces.

Sunnen SHO-965 Maintains MB-30 Performance With Lower VOC


Sunnen’s SHO-965 honing oil combines the high performance of the MB-30 oil while lowering VOC emissions to meet SCAQMD’s strict standards.

CHIRON Series 22 Machining Centers Emphasize Modularity


CHIRON’s Series 22 machining centers come in both four- and five-axis varieties, with modular solutions for a wide variety of high-precision tasks.

VELO3D Announces Sapphire Gen 2 and Sapphire XC Printers


VELO3D is releasing the Sapphire XC, a large-format printer based upon its Sapphire 3D printing architecture, starting in Q4 2021.

Seco Tools' Turbo 16 Achieves Long-Lasting Tool Life


Seco Tools is expanding its Turbo Line with Turbo 16 cutting inserts, which feature tool longevity and material removal rate boosts.

IMCO ToolBot Resource Individually Tailors Feeds and Speeds


IMCO’s free, online ToolBot resource uses simple parameters to optimize users’ carbide end mill feeds and speeds.

Niigata Engineers HN80E-5X for Maximum Rigidity


Niigata’s HN80E-5X Five-Axis Horizontal Machining Center features a heavy-duty construction that improves rigidity and part accuracy.

Northfield Precision Instrument Releases Tubeless Air Chuck


With no air tube or hose, Northfield Precision Instrument Corporation’s Pressure-Lok air chucks can see use in more places than traditional air chucks.

Shapr3D Announces Upcoming New Features


Shapr3D plans to add MacOS support, 3D Alignment and an Augmented Reality tool to its popular mobile CAD solution by the end of 2020.

Marposs Minimicromar3 Grinding Gage Durable Against Coolants


Marposs’ Minimicromar3 provides precise measurement for small surfaces. It is also highly durable against coolant and abrasive substances.