ATI Now Offering CRX-Ready End-Effector Kits


ATI Industrial Automation has introduced CRX-ready end-effector kits, which increase the versatility of ATI’s end-effectors for FANUC CRX cobots.

Tungaloy AH9130 Extends Life in ISO P, M and K Applications


Tungaloy’s AH9130 insert grade for its DrillForce-Meister line of exchangeable-head drills enhances tool life and wear-pattern predictability for ISO P, M and K hole-making applications.

Palmgren Releases Durable, Heavy-Duty Bench Grinders


Palmgren’s heavy-duty bench grinder provides what the company says are longer duty cycles under load and less speed degradation than competing products.

Siemens Next-Gen Veloce Verification Systems Boost Capacity


Siemens’ next-generation Veloce verification system delivers powerful, modular solutions for verifying integrated circuit designs — including one which scales up to 15 billion gates.

Chiron Develops Laser-Metal-Deposition 3D Metal Printer


Chiron enters the metal additive manufacturing market with its AM Cube, which can change deposition heads during active processes, utilizing different feedstocks for different purposes.

Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP is Scalable, Cloud-Based


Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP is a cloud-based software solution that gives users real-time visibility and control over manufacturing and business operations.

Five-Axis Grob G550T Tightens Cycle Times and Accuracies


The five-axis Grob G550T not only cuts cycle times and tooling costs for aluminum aerospace applications, but provides exacting accuracy for titanium and Inconel applications.

JM Performance's High Torque Retention Knobs Lower Chatter


JM Performance Products has launched a specially designed High Torque retention knob for V-Flange tooling that the company says reduces chatter and tool wear.

Palmgren's Dual Force Precision CNC Vises Excel in Parallel


Palmgren says its Dual Force Precision CNC Vises excel in workholding situations where parts require multiple vises in parallel.

Marposs Updates Optical Testing System Software


Marposs has updated its software for Optoquick and Optoflash with a smart-search function for viewing results, as well as a user-friendly interface.