Walter Cermet Turning Inserts Boost Stability


Walter’s indexable cermet turning inserts use the company’s FP2 geometry to reduce vibration, produce stronger corners and enhance surface finish.

Roemheld PC 80 Holds Prismatic and Round Parts


Roemheld’s PC 80 manual vises are compatible with prismatic and cylindrical components, changing between the two in minutes.

Rocklin MobiLase Brings Portability to Laser Marking


Rocklin Manufacturing’s MobiLase is a portable fiber laser marking solution that customers can transport in a rolling suitcase.

Anca's EDG3 and SparX Erosion Generator Cut Cycle Times


Anca’s Electro Discharge Grinding 3 machine with Anca Motion’s SparX Erosion Generator uses a variety of tech innovations to maintain geometries and cut PCD cycle times by 50%.

LK Metrology's Freedom Ultimate Arms Maximize Usability


LK Metrology’s Freedom Ultimate and Freedom Ultimate Scan arms provide a portable, accessible and highly accurate measuring system for complex applications.

Siemens Teamcenter Quality Aids Quality Management


Siemens Digital Industries Software’s Teamcenter Quality suite keeps quality, manufacturing and engineering teams in sync, simplifying continuous improvement efforts.

Exair VariBlast Air Gun Provides Focused, Variable Force


Exair’s VariBlast Precision Safety Air Gun with Nano Super Air Nozzle offers a lightweight, durable, variable force solution for parts cleaning.

Dormer Pramet Offers Versatile Stainless Steel Insert Array


Dormer Pramet’s range of stainless steel cutters and inserts optimizes productivity on low-power machines, while also offering versatility for different cutting conditions and applications.

Anca's AIMS Enables Modular Automation Capability


The Anca Integrated Manufacturing System is a modular automation approach for tool production that reduces downtime, streamlines handling and enables lights-out manufacturing.

Sodick Proprietary Linear Drives Maximize Machine Accuracy


Sodick’s K4HL CNC small hole drilling machine and AL G series die-sinker EDMs feature the company’s proprietary rigid linear motor drives for increased accuracy.