New product announcements from suppliers of machine tools, cutting tools, manufacturing software providers and other suppliers of manufacturing technology.

PUBLISHED: 7/1/2019

WardJet’s X-1530 Bundled with Multi-Touch Software

Westec 2019: WardJet’s X-1530 is a versatile, mid-sized waterjet with a footprint of less than 115 ft².

PUBLISHED: 7/1/2019

Makino's U6 H.E.A.T. Extreme Improves Machining Speed and Performance

Makino’s U6 H.E.A.T. Extreme wire EDM is designed to increase machining rates while maintaining traditional wire consumption.

PUBLISHED: 6/28/2019

Methods Machine Tools' RoboDrill EcoPlus Offers Increased Machining Speed

Methods Machine Tools’ Fanuc RoboDrill EcoPlus offers a 21-tool capacity and increased speed through an optional 24,000 rpm spindle.

PUBLISHED: 6/28/2019

Creaform’s HandyScan Black Enables 3D Scanning with Improved Optics

EMO 2019: The HandyScan Black is the third generation of metrology-grade scanners from Creaform and is offered in Black and Black Elite based on part complexity, measurement speed and accuracy.

PUBLISHED: 6/28/2019

Zeiss Completes Steel Portion of New Facility

The new setting will provide an advanced digital infrastructure to demonstrate quality assurance insights for customers and demonstrate smart factory capabilities.

PUBLISHED: 6/27/2019

Schneeberger's Aries NGP+ Provides More Power in Efficient Envelope

The J. Schneeberger Corp. offers a larger version of the Aries NGP, the NGP+, intended to provide an affordable tool grinder with the power to handle larger tools

PUBLISHED: 6/26/2019

Allied Machining's Machinist App Provides Calculators, References and Guides

Allied Machine & Engineering’s mobile app, Machinist Tool, is designed for machinists, tooling distributors and manufacturing engineers working with Allied’s tools.

PUBLISHED: 6/26/2019

Walter's D4120 Drill Speeds Chip Removal

Walter USA’s D4120 is an indexable insert drill from the P484 family that is designed for wear-resistance and longer tool life.

PUBLISHED: 6/26/2019

Kellenberger 100 Machine Concept Designed to Be Service-Friendly

EMO 2019: The Kellenberger 100 grinding machine’s FANUC 31i CNC features a simple operator guidance system on a 19" touchscreen panel.

PUBLISHED: 6/26/2019

Rocklin’s Rocklinizer Model 950 Enables Fast Material Deposition

EMO 2019: Rocklin Manufacturing’s Rocklinizer Carbide Application Equipment deposits Titanium Carbide, Tungsten Carbide and Rockhard electrode material onto metal, tools and dies.

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