Next Generation Actuator

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Based on the design of the company's Type KR actuator, the new high speed Type SKR actuator has the added benefit of Caged Technology. The Type SKR's LM guide and ballscrew both include that technology. The technology works by isolating each of the load carrying recirculating elements in their LM guides in an individual cage or pocket. This cage prevents ball-to-ball contact and the associated friction. The cage also acts as a reservoir for lubricants, eliminating the need for an external lubricating system. Specific benefits, according to the company, include increased speed and accuracy of motion; decreased noise levels; long-term, maintenance-free operation; and reduced sources of contamination. The actuator is said to provide rigidity and reduced noise levels. It is available in outer rail lengths from 150 to 740 mm and stroke ranges of 55 to 608.5 mm. The actuator is said to produce little dust generation. It is compatible in size with the company's Type KR.

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