Non-Woven Stripping Discs Provide Faster Cutting, Increased Life

The SG Blaze Rapid Strip disc from Norton features a non-woven, depressed-center and is used for stripping and light-stock-removal.

The SG Blaze Rapid Strip is a non-woven, depressed-center stripping and light-stock-removal disc from Norton, a brand of Saint-Gobain. The disc combines SG ceramic alumina grain and an open mesh structure to increase cutting speed and disc life. This open-structure design enables aggressive cutting on metal surfaces as well as the elimination of loading on sticky coatings, adhesives and soft metals. It also will not snag or shed when used to deburr edges, the company says.

The discs can be used for removal of scale, corrosion or rust on cast iron, steels, aluminum, fiberglass and composites. They also can be used for cleanup of flashings, epoxies and graffiti from metal, stone and concrete surfaces. Applying heavier pressure to the discs will strip and clean materials, while applying lighter pressure will provide a finish similar to a medium-grit fiber or flap disc, the company says.

The discs are available in sizes measuring 4.5", 5" and 7", and they feature a Type 27/fiberglass backing.