OEE System Combines Robust Data, Useful Tools


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Parsec has launched its real-time Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) Performance Management solution. Built on the company’s modular manufacturing management software platform, TrakSYS, the OEE solution enables manufacturers to monitor, measure and improve operations.

TrakSYS OEE Performance Management is designed to strike a balance between visually appealing and superficial reports from one data source on the one hand, and lots of data but no tools to act on it on the other. To that end, it collects and aggregates data from multiple sources, leveraging existing assets, resources and infrastructure to provide insight into areas of the operation that need improvement as well as the tools needed to take action. The platform uses a variety of standard dashboards and reports and provides the ability to customize them through web-based configuration tools.

The solution is designed to account for three OEE measurement areas: availability, performance and quality. Availability (downtime loss) encompasses changeovers, sanitation/cleaning, breakdowns, startup/shutdown, facility problems, and so forth. Performance (speed loss) includes running a production system at a speed lower than the theoretical run rate, and short-stop failures such as jams and overloads. Quality (defect loss) comprises production and startup rejects, process defects, reduction in yield and products that need to be reworked to conform to quality standards.

TrakSYS is an integrated platform that contains all the functionality of a full manufacturing execution system (MES) in one package. The system is modular, so user can deploy only required functions without a major software upgrade.