Okuma's Genos M660-V VMC Handles Large Workpieces in Small Footprint


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Okuma Genos M660-V

Okuma’s Genos M660-V vertical machining center combines a large work table, a compact machine footprint and a CAT 40 Big-Plus spindle for machining large, complex parts. An optional CAT 50 Big-Plus spindle is also available for heavy cutting jobs. The larger table minimizes restrictions on workpiece size and tool length while leaving ample space to add rotary tables, the company says. The table measures 660 × 1,530 mm (60.24" × 25.98").

The machining center is built with Okuma’s Thermo-Friendly Concept technology, giving it the ability to withstand thermal deformation during the machining process. The technology is also said to eliminate the need for machine warmup. The rigid, double-column construction reduces vibration for less wear and tear on critical machine components as well as improved machining performance. The Genos M660-V is also one of the heaviest machines in its class, according to the company.


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