On-The-Fly Marking Capability

Columbia Marking Tools, along with joint-venture partner Richter Machine, have introduced a dot peen marking system called the In-Line-Marker (ILM).


The system features an air-operated Richter dot peen marking head equipped with either seven or nine marking styli positioned in-line but slightly off-set and pulsed on-command from the system controller. The head is fixed, and the work passes underneath on either an in-process transfer mechanism or conveyor where the work is said to be in a consistent orientation or plane with the marking head. The computer control system determines when and where the dot impressions are placed to produce text, serial numbers, logos or dates and time. Characters may be italicized or rotated, and, with an optional software upgrade, Matrix-2D codes can be marked as well.


Standard units can produce marks at a line speed as fast as 3.93 ips. Optional units can handle line speeds as high as 9.84 ips. Standard character font size is 0.21" (5.5 mm), but other sizes can be achieved by skewing the head and programming the spacing of the text.



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