One-Piece Column CNC Machining Center

The TT-510P CNC machine features a one-piece column and base design in addition to fast movements for drilling and tapping applications. Its X-, Y- and Z-axis travels are 510 × 400 × 310 mm. The pallet size is 600 × 400 mm with a maximum pallet load of 250 kg. Other features include three-axis, direct-coupled servo motors; three-axis, pre-tensioned ballscrews; a cast iron headstock; and a built-in, screw-type chip conveyor. Designed with a one-piece, coolant-collect frame, the machine is available with or without an automatic pallet changer.

Editor Pick

Why a Two-Spindle VMC? Double the Machining Without Double the Footprint

The two-spindle VMC increases output where space and other factors are constrained. With W-axis compensation for Z-height differences, setups don’t have to be perfect to use two spindles in tandem.