Open Frame Bed Mill

Milltronics Manufacturing Company offers the RH35, an open frame bed mill with travels of 120" × 35" × 30". This addition represents the largest machine in the company’s RH series, which consists of machines with travels ranging from 32" × 19" to 78" × 33".


With a table load capacity of 5,000 lbs, the machine incorporates a base casting with six box ways and a saddle covering the entire 120" of travel. A 3" ballscrew and a 5,500-W AC digital servomotor system are designed to maximize thrust when dealing with heavy workpieces.


This model is available with a # 40 or # 50 taper spindle; a choice of several hp and rpm options; various toolchanger options; a table chip guard or full machine enclosure; and other options.




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