Open Mind Technologies' HyperMill CAM Software Enables Real-Time Synchronization and Simulation

EMO 2019: Open Mind Technologies’ HyperMill CAM software was developed with Industry 4.0 in mind.


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Open Mind Technologies’ HyperMill CAM software was developed with Industry 4.0 in mind. HyperMill Virtual Machining enables constant real-time bidirectional communication between the machine tool controller and remote simulation.

Connected Machining, a module of HyperMill Virtual Machining, uses the NC code after postprocessing to enable real-time synchronization and simulation between the machine and HyperMill for optimal data exchange between programming and machining processes. Based on processing results, the HyperMill Virtual Machining NC Optimizer automatically selects tool paths that consider limited machine axes or consider potential interference with an asymmetric machine head.

The HyperMill Maxx Machining High-Performance Package includes Perfect Pocketing technology said to ensure efficient pocket processing using high-feed milling cutters. An algorithm identifies the largest pocket for roughing and automatically generates linear tool paths accordingly.

The new five-axis prismatic fillet finishing function in HyperMill Maxx Machining enables the geometry and automatic inclination of barrel cutters to be applied similarly to high feed cutters, using a plunging and pulling movement at extremely high feed rates.


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