Optical CMM Software Upgrade

Metris offers the K-series DMM 3.0 as a software upgrade to the K-series optical CMM system. By tracking the 3D position of a set of infrared LEDs attached to the test object, users can analyze its relative motion and deformation. A single camera covers a measurement volume of 17m³, which can be further expanded to a multi-camera setup with as many as eight cameras. The upgrade enables the CMM to operate as a stand-alone measurement system, and data is streamed directly to a client application for further analysis. By capturing 3D coordinates and 6-DOF motion at a high frequency, the software enables the machine to measure dynamic properties such as displacement, velocity, acceleration, overshoot and oscillation frequency. The sensors are designed to have minimal influence on the dynamic behavior of the measured objects. The system's non-contact nature and working volume enable the measurement of large displacements and deformations. The displacement sensor can be integrated into any measurement or control platform. A 3D scene viewer allows continuous viewing of the measurement environment. The upgrade is compatible with the post-processing and visualization functions of the DMM Modular 2.5 analysis software, and it is suited for applications that require measuring and tracking grids of points or multiple objects in space.

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