Optical Comparator Features Custom Digital Readout

Available from Suburban Tool, the model MV-140-SE optical comparator provides an erect image and features separate ultra-bright surface and profile illumination, which can be used independently or together. Its 1-micron scales have resolution of 0.0001", while the stage measures 4 1/2" × 19" with 8" horizontal and 4" vertical travel. The unit is mounted on a welded steel frame. The unit includes the company’s MV-DRO2 digital readout, which has a 5.7" LCD screen. A part-view function allows the readout to show the relationships between all part features. It can perform direct measurement of circles, arcs, angles, points, lines, distance, perpendicularity and more. In addition, the readout includes a 360-degree protractor, edge detection, multiple language, output to SPC or printer, metric/inch conversion and skew capability.

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