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Optimar 100 Dial Indicator Expands with Upgrade Kit

Originally titled 'Dial Indicator Expands with Upgrade Kit'
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Mahr Inc. has expanded the Optimar 100 with an upgrade kit that makes working with the measuring instrument safer and faster with a camera that automatically records the indicated values of the test indicators and forwards them to software for processing. 

Mahr Inc. has expanded the Optimar 100 for testing dial and digital indicators, test indicators and dial comparators with image processing for the automated testing of measuring equipment. An upgrade kit now has a camera that automatically records the indicated values of the test indicators and forwards them to a software for processing. 

The hardware and software add-on package provides a way to equip existing measuring stations with Optimar 100 for automated testing. The measuring system, including image processing, is also available as a complete package under the name Precimar Optimar 100 BV.

The upgrade kit incorporates a USB 3.0 camera for image processing, and daylight-independent LED illumination along with secure digital identification and reading of digits. The QMSoft software controls the measuring device, evaluates the camera image of the scale or number display of the test object, compares the values with the internal reference scale and automatically completes the process of calibrating the product under test. The software also makes it possible to create and store test certificates.

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