Pair Of Machining Centers

The company has added two new machining centers to its computerized machine tool systems--the VM1 and the VM2. The VM1 machining center is said to offer job shop versatility. Its XYZ axis travels at 26" (660 mm) × 16" (400 mm) × 20" (500 mm) and is packaged on a 6,000-lb frame that takes up 36 sq. ft. This is coupled with its 15-hp, 8,000-rpm spindle, 700-ipm rapids and 16-station swing arm ATC. The machining center is equipped with the company's UltiMax control. The version for the VM1 is a new control configuration using a 12" color LCD screen and an ergonomic console to create an efficient shopfloor programming environment. All of the features of UltiMax are available on the new Max control either as standard or optional features. Simple conversational data block programming, full four-view graphics, interactive graphical search, advanced contour programming, advanced pocketing routines, direct DXF data conversion and other conversational programming features allow the VM1 operator be in complete control of the programming and process to expedite job turnaround time, the company says. The VM1 also has a range of options to improve its capabilities. Indexers, full fourth-axis tables, chip conveyor and tooling packages are all available. The VM2 is a 9,000-lb machining center built around a solid cast iron frame with state-of-the art controls, says the company. The Max control offers the functionality of the company's PC based conversational and NC programming capabilities in a single LCD screen control. The VM2 is equipped with standard features including 40" × 18?" × 18" travel; 20-hp/8,000-rpm spindle; 97" × 88" footprint; 18" × 46" working table surface; and table load capacity of 1,200 lbs. It offers 16 tools-swing arm CAT 40; torque of 75 foot-pounds at 1,450 rpm; a 12" color touch screen display; a cast iron frame; an UltiMax NC; and offline programming capabilities.

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