Parallel Computing Algorithms Improve Calculation Speed


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Suited for the moldmaking industry, version 21 of Sescoi’s WorkNC CADCAM software features parallel computing algorithms for improved calculation speed. Computing several threads simultaneously reduces programming and calculation times for complicated parts.
According to the company, a global finishing strategy produces consistent surface finishes, regardless of the slope of the data, with few retracts. The strategy improves simplicity as well as eliminates wasted and duplicated moves. The update supports machining undercut conditions, which enables more of a part to be cut in three-axis and improves the surface finish for five-axis machining operations.
Canonical tools can be used to machine with faster feed rates and achieve improved quality, while capabilities for editing toolpaths without recalculation significantly cut programming times.
The software also includes the Auto-5 axis module for milling molds and tooling. The module enables users to easily mill deep parts and pockets, utilizing short tools while reducing the need for EDM burning, the company says.
Version 4 of the company’s ERP systems, WorkPlan Enterprise and MyWorkPlan are also offered.