Part Marking System

The company has introduced a part marking system designed to handle large, irregular shaped and cylindrical parts having various surface conditions such as flanges, valve bodies, cast parts, thick plate, forged and hot rolled parts, tubes and more. CN series integratable Micro-Percussion marking heads with a large marking window and deep marking capability handle up to two characters per second at 5 mm to 30 mm in height in steps of 0.1 mm.

For example, integrating a CN series marking head with the DRT 210C head rotation device allows marking around cylindrical pieces--10 mm to 300 mm in diameter on 180 degrees with a marking area of 45 mm x 45 mm.

Marking capabilities include instantaneous computation of an array of variables: batch number, time recording, incrementing numbers, dates and times, plus control of text style; linear, angular radial, inverted, mirrored, centering, compression, inclination and character spacing. CN Series integratable marking heads can be customized for use on production lines either portable or suspended on a tool balancer to suit specific requirements.


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