Part-To-CAD Inspection Software

Useful for industrial inspection tasks in the automotive, aerospace and other industries, Focus Inspection software offers part-to-CAD inspection starting from point cloud data or meshes captured by CMM-based or handheld scanning solutions. Available from Metris, the software covers the complete process, from preprocessing of the raw point-cloud data through the comparison of the measured and nominal model, and reports results. The latest release, version 8.3, handles larger point sizes to enable faster part-to-CAD inspection and processing of more data sets. An automatic feature-extraction functionality increases productivity and ensures operator-independent results, the company says. The software also includes additional features and improved gap-and-flush analysis for automotive sheet metal and body inspection. It enables output of inspection results in DMIS format to facilitate the integration of point-cloud inspection within the existing quality-control processes. The software supports clouds with as many as 90 million points, which is sufficient to analyze large objects such as complete cars, the company says. In addition, users can opt for faster part-to-CAD inspection by converting the nominal CAD model into a more compact mesh model. This enables the user to select between maximum accuracy or maximum process performance depending on the application. The software supports various feature types typically found on sheet metal assemblies, such as pins and welded bolds. To get close correspondence with the many definitions of gap and flush measurements, digital calipers are fully customizable.

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