Parting Insert with Direct Jet Cooling

An upgrade to the Do-Grip parting insert is now available from Iscar Metals, Inc.  The new Jet-Cut system features a coolant hole that passes through the insert to an outlet near the cutting edge. The DGNC inserts are designed for parting and grooving operations on stainless steel and high temperature alloys. Often when machining these materials, the temperature near the cutting edge becomes high, in turn causing premature wear. Applying coolant to the cutting zone can reduce this occurrence.


The inserts can also be used in those grooving and parting applications in which transporting coolant to the cutting edge is problematic. In such applications, the way the chip exits the workpiece can prevent the coolant from reaching the cutting edge when traditional coolant delivery methods are applied.


Using the new inserts, the coolant travels through the insert and exits a hole directly next to the cutting edge. According to the company, coolant is applied where it needs to go. At the same time, the insert is internally cooled. The application of coolant through this system can increase tool life and provide a smooth surface finish. In addition, materials such as titanium, inconel, and austenitic stainless steel tend to strain harden during the cutting process and thereby produce long and tangled chips. By applying cooling through the Jet-Cut system, flank and cratering rates are reduced.



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