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7/2/2008 | 1 MINUTE READ

Parts Accumulator Enables Unattended Operation

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The Rota-Rack parts accumulator is a lean, cost-effective device that enables virtually any bar-fed CNC lathe to run unattended for extended periods of time, the company says. The unit indexes each time a finished part exits the machine, collecting and protecting finished workpieces. According to the company, the benefits of the accumulator include the ability to run a second or third shift with existing equipment and no additional employees, as first-shift employees are free to handle more productive tasks; reduced risk of part damage; and organization of parts for quality control purposes.   The parts accumulator consists of a welded steel turntable, solid-state PLC control and optional integrated conveyor. All contact surfaces are covered with a high-lubricity UHMW plastic for workpiece protection. A 1-m diameter turntable provides over 850 sq. in. of usable surface area and has a payload capacity of 700 lbs.   The universal design of the accumulator enables it to be used with virtually any CNC lathe that is equipped with a parts catcher, the company says. The unit can be mounted either to the left or right side of the machine tool, and it is height-adjustable from 11" to 50". Programming is said to take approximately 20 seconds with the touchscreen PLC control, and no machine tool interface is required. The unit operates on standard 110-V electrical power.


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