Parts Washer Removes Swarf, Oils, Grease And More

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Grinding swarf, machining oils, grease, mold-release lubricants and buffing and lapping compounds are among the soils and residues removed by the SonicMax ultrasonic parts washer. Available from Graymills, the machine is designed to clean delicate medical parts and assemblies with small crevices, blind holes and channels without harming them.


With an ultrasonic buffing process, the parts washer uses transducers to convert electrical energy to mechanical motion and directs that sound energy into the cleaning tank. The result is a cavitation bubble that implodes and releases a scrubbing effect on parts. The stainless steel cleaning tank measures 27" × 18" × 16". A hinged cover that provides access to the tank is designed to prevent the cleaning solution from evaporating during downtimes. A programmable cycle timer and heater are used to set cleaning parameters. The washer is also equipped with a built-in filtration/sparger system. This system is designed to prolong solution life by keeping the cleaning surface free of floating oils and contaminants and removing insolubles from the bath.


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