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PCD Chipbreaker Does Rough Machining and Fine Finishing

Originally titled 'Chipbreaker Does Rough Machining and Fine Finishing'
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Lach Diamant’s PCD IC-plus CO-type chipbreaker does rough machining as well as fine finishing.

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Lach Diamant’s PCD IC-plus CO-type chipbreaker guides chips with a cutting depth of 0.01 mm. As chipbreakers with a manufactured chip groove have proven to be only suitable to a limited extent for a process-reliable, controlled chipbreaking process of long chipping aluminium alloys, the company came up with an active chipbreaker.

The cutting depth can be increased up to 5.0 mm maximum for an ISO cutting insert VCMT, the maximum length of the cutting edge, the company says. It can be used for rough machining as well as fine finishing.


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