Permanent Filters Have Cleanable Filter Elements

Coolant delivery systems that direct the coolant under pressure to the working area, such as through-the-tool and through-the spindle coolant, are susceptible to plugging from chips and fines. This can typically result in tool breakage and unscheduled machine downtime.


According to Keller Products, Inc., this problem can be virtually eliminated by installing the company’s cartridge filters with permanent, cleanable filter elements in the coolant delivery lines. The in-line filters feature stainless steel bodies and customized, washable plastic filter elements that do not need to be replaced.


The 100 µ permanent filter elements are recommended for most coolant filtration applications. The company also offers permanent elements rated at 50 µ, as well as disposable elements as fine as 5 µ. Filter assemblies are available in line sizes ranging from 3/4" to 2" for flow rates as high as 150 gpm and line pressures to 300 psig.



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