Plastic Grid For Warehouse Safety, Organization

The company’s RackGuard is a plastic grid material used to contain warehouse goods on storage racks or to contain moving parts on conveyor belts. The containment netting is designed to ensure warehouse safety. According to the company, the netting resists sagging and is strong enough to improve storage and containment for parts, pallet racks and loads on racks and shelving. The netting creates a see-through wall that allows for product identification and can also be used around open aisles.   Five available styles come in various roll widths and lengths to meet specific needs and to ease installation. The heavy-duty style has a tensile strength of 1,507 lbs/ft and a roll size of 13.1 × 164 ft. The flame-retardant version of the heavy-duty netting has a tensile strength of 1,400 lbs/ft and the same roll size. The standard-duty containment guard has a tensile strength of 850 lbs/ft and a roll size of 13.1 × 225 ft. The general-purpose netting is available in two models: one with tensile strength of 548 lbs/ft and a roll size of 10.5 × 900 ft; or a tensile strength of 360 lbs/ft and a roll size of 4 × 500 ft. Cable ties in various lengths are also available.

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