Portable CMM

The company's CimCore 3000i is an articulating arm portable CMM. The 1.2 m (4') CMM will measure to ± 0.005 mm (0.0002") using the single point sphere test. It is supported by a standard 2-year warranty. The CMM is said to feature electrical and hardware improvements that enhance its performance and productivity. Among them is a new wrist design incorporating a thicker wrist connector and an improved bearing design that improves rigidity and performance, according to the company. The wrist assembly has been modified by moving the control buttons onto the wrist. These new, soft-touch tactile buttons are widely spaced, which is said to improve operator ergonomics and enhance productivity. Redesigned knuckles incorporate improved encoder mounting for enhanced accuracy, says the company. Protective caps and bumpers are said to provide protection from shock to the principal joints, assuring reliability. The new design incorporates precision-ground mounting surfaces and larger magnets that are said to increase mounting stiffness by 40 percent to further improve the rigidity of a setup.

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