Portable Measurement Arm Creates 3D Part "Blueprint"

The Fusion FaroArm is an entry-level, portable, computer-aided measurement arm with 0.0014" (0.036 mm) accuracy. It is designed with the styling cues of the company's Quantum FaroArm but is said to have a lower price and higher accuracy than the Titanium series it replaces. Designed for manufacturers who want in-process measurement and reverse-engineering capabilities, the device offers accuracy and lightweight construction for shopfloor measurement needs, the company says. To operate, users simply guide the arm's touch probe along the surface of the object to be measured. The arm's laptop computer simultaneously illustrates the 3D measurements on-screen and records all of the data. It then creates a 3D blueprint of the parts for inspection, tool certification, CAD-to-part analysis or reverse engineering.

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