Portable Part Marking Machines Improve Quality, Versatility

With a 1.96" x 2.36" marking window, the Multi 4-50 compact head is designed for hand-held industrial marking applications on larger parts in reduced access areas. It is also suitable as an integrator unit for automated marking. The compact model is designed to complement the standard Multi 4 model, which has a 4.72" × 2.36" marking window. Both models require only electricity to operate and feature an embedded controller containing user-friendly software, an integral membrane keyboard and an LCD screen. Like the standard model, the compact model is available in four versions: a bench-top model; the portable or hand-held model for marking large parts; a combo model, which combines bench-top and portable capabilities; and an integrator model for use in automated production lines. On the standard model, Innovative Driving Impact (IDI) is available to improve mark quality. According to the company, IDI ensures consistent dot depth on uneven, curved or irregular part surfaces. As required by the DoD, as well as automotive, aerospace and other global industries, the standard model can be equipped with the TechnoMatrix option. This is intended to create and mark two-dimensional DataMatrix codes directly on the user's workpiece for better part traceability and tracking.

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