Portable System for Versatile Shopfloor Measurement

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Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence today announced the unveiling of the Blaze 600M, a new non-contact optical measurement solution based on Hexagon’s proven scanner technology. Blaze 600M is a flexible, manually-operated system that provides ultra-rapid 3D data acquisition, a high level of accuracy, and actionable data for measurement, inspection, product development, line tuning, and reverse engineering. From inspecting automotive bodies-in-white to stamped parts, this seamless, multi-functional scanner offers greater application versatility for the busy shop floor metrologist performing many tasks such as dimensional inspection or root cause analysis. The new BLAZE 600M solution will be showcased at IMTS 2016 in Hexagon Booth #E-5202.

With minimal preparation, Blaze 600M performs feature and surface measurements of parts and assemblies in various sizes with detail and precision. The scanner combines high-resolution digital imaging with blue light LED illumination, and does not require surface treatment of metallic, plastic and composite parts. The system is not sensitive to industrial and ambient light sources, as well as indirect daylight. Designed for operation in industrial environments, vibration due to heavy machinery processes (stamping presses, CNC, robotics etc.) has a negligible impact on measurement results due to the scanner’s fast data capture rate. The highly-portable Blaze 600M is an all-in-one unit that fits in a single box.

“The new technologies incorporated into Blaze 600M transforms our optical inspection portfolio to a new level of blazing speed and versatile performance,” explains Amir Grinboim, White Light and Automation Manager, North America, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence. “The most accurate solution in our 3D optical scanning portfolio, Blaze 600M is also the most configurable with its easy setup and adaptability to different part types and applications in aerospace, automotive and general engineering. The shop floor readiness of this scanner is underscored by its speed, flexibility, and accuracy to improve productivity on the shop floor.”

The Blaze 600M system is available in two projection configurations, enabling users to optimize the system for tasks such as routine dimensional control operations or measurement of workpieces with complex features or challenging material types. Operators can also directly switch between various surface data acquisition modes to ensure the best possible results for each specific job.

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