Positive Lock Vise System

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Instead of relying on friction between the jaws and workpiece for clamping, the Positive Lock system holds workpieces by creating a form-locking connection between the work and jaws. Indentations on the workpiece interlock with corresponding serrations on the vise jaws. The indentations are embossed in seconds using a low-cost workstation, the company says, and can take the place of the need to mill reference surfaces. 

Raw material costs can be reduced because rough hot-rolled and saw-cut stock can be used in place of pre-milled pieces. In addition, less material is often needed because of the reduced holding area. The same small holding area permits improved access to the workpiece.

The company says another advantage of the system is reduced clamping force; only about one-tenth the force normally required is needed to hold the workpiece. Workpiece deformation is reduced, potentially leading to more accurate parts. 

It is said that workpieces can be removed and re-inserted with 0.0005" repeatability. Jaws are available for standard vises, and the system is useful in conjunction with other workpiece setup devices such as pallets and tombstones, the company says.