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11/15/2003 | 1 MINUTE READ

Pre-Packaged Sets Of Marking Stamps And Retainers

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In press working and stamping, the company says it is important to mark parts with part numbers, shift codes, date codes, machine ID, fixture ID or even operator ID. The most common method, according to the company, is to use a steel stamp that is built right into the tooling of the die. These steel stamps are typically contained in a removable retainer with a backing plate that is bolted to the stamping die with socket head screws. The company says it has undertaken a new method of packaging these marking tools to make it easier for the user to identify the stamps and retainers and to store them properly and protect them from being lost or mixed up with old stamps. Phase I of the program involves L-shaped stamp designs. This type of stamp has a flange on the bottom of the stamp that is said to ensure consistent stamp height by locating up against the bottom slot of the retainer stamp opening. These L-shaped stamps are 0.5" high, 0.31" wide, for character sizes that are 5/32", 1/8" and 3/16". Any type of font can be produced on the stamp. In addition, the company can engrave any marking legend on custom die segments to be used in a stamping press or retainer system. Four different retainer and backing plate sets are available in single and double slot opening designs to accommodate a range of desired identification. The number of individual L-shaped stamps that will fit in each opening varies. Retainers and backing plate sets range in size from 2" to 2.94" in length and from 1.31" to 2.25" wide. Metric sizes are also available.
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