Precision Abrasive Waterjet

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The 5555 JetMachining Center has been added to the company’s line of precision abrasive waterjet systems. With a footprint of 131" × 95", the center can fit in virtually any shop and is suited for short-run part production, just-in-time manufacturing, tooling and prototype part development of material sizes as large as 5 ft × 5 ft. Designed for machining a wide variety of materials and thicknesses, the center provides accuracy of motion to 0.003". Additionally, the center does not require tool changes or complex fixturing, thereby reducing setup times, the company says. The center comes standard with the company’s Intelli-Max software, which runs on the Windows XP operating system. According to the company, the system can calculate the velocity of a tool path at over 2,000 points per inch, allowing for complete control over the motion of an abrasivejet and enabling precise, rapid machining. Other features include an abrasive feed system equipped with the MaxJet 5 Diamond Nozzle Assembly and a high-pressure, direct-drive pump.

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