Preservation System Neutralizes Corrosive Elements

Birchwood Casey offers Intercept SPS, a packaging material that creates a protective zone around metal parts. The material has the capability to neutralize and remove corrosive elements in the air around the part stored inside without the use of chemicals, thereby protecting them from corrosion for extended periods, says the company.  

Providing active corrosion protection, the material consists of a polyethylene film infused with metallic copper particles and activated carbon. Though completely non-hazardous, these materials neutralize and absorb corrosive elements inside the package through sacrificial galvanic action and absorption. In addition, they are natural biocides that eliminate acid-producing bacteria, mold or fungi that may be present inside the package or in fingerprints.


In normal warehouse conditions, the non-hazardous material has a storage life of more than 20 years.


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