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Presetter Includes Vision System

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The company says its new presetter, which features the Quick-Set vision system, reduces tool change times, while ensuring quality control by measuring, setting and verifying all tools before placement in an application. The component can accommodate tool length (Z) of 248 mm, radius (X) of 248 mm and swivel diameter of 238 mm.

According to the company, noteworthy features include single-hand operation for linear axis movement and a 20X magnification camera system with in-screen measurement optics. The toolholding fixture has a power-operated clamping function, a spindle brake and 4X90-degree indexing capability, with concentricity of 0.002 mm (0.00008").

The 12" flat screen color monitor has 35X magnification, a display accuracy of 0.005 mm, and a measuring accuracy of  ± 0.01mm. The unit also features a membrane keyboard for carrying out clamping functions such as tool clamping, separate linear axis clamping for X and Z directions, spindle brake and indexing.

Additionally, the operator can use the center height camera to test the center height of a tool. The camera may also be used to accomplish third axis inspection and measuring of tools.


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