Presetting Machine Spindle Ensures Accurate Change-Over

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Eastec 2019: The Zoller Venturion is made from fine components to ensure users have a reliable machine to preset and measure their tools.


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ZOLLER will be exhibiting new technology at IMTS 2020 in Chicago this September.

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The Zoller Venturion tool presetting machine is designed with Bosch pneumatics, THK guideways, Uhing drives and Heidenhain glass scales. CNC drives for both the X and Z axes as well as an autofocusing spindle combine to enable micron-precise measurements. Featuring the company’s ACE spindle, change-over accuracy is said to be 1 micron. 

The company’s Pilot 3.0 software is included on the machine, enabling the measurement of complex tool geometries. The eQ one-hand control handle featured on the machine enables ergonomic maneuvering of the optics carrier. With data output, users send their tool offset information directly to the machine control from the software.


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