Pressure Equalization System, Boston Gear

The PosiVent is a unique pressure equalization system designed to keep water, wash-down solution and other airborne contaminants out of gearboxes in food processing and material handling applications. With its design, the company says gearbox failure associated with contaminants such as bakery dust entering and breaking down lubricants and causing premature failure is prevented, ultimately increasing performance.

According to the company, the system is now available as an option on all speed reducers, including the entirely stainless steel 700 series product line as well as products with wash-down protection such at Bost-kleen or stainless Bost-kleen treatment.

 In aggressive production environments, the system is said to replace traditional vent plugs that can allow contaminants to enter the gearbox during cool-down.  Built with a single seam, the company says the system can be mounted in any position without fear of leakage at the user's facility.  Additional design advantages of the system include flexibility and simple user ability. The system is said to be installed as a last step, fitting into any of the standard pipe plugs which allows for quick delivery. The company says every speed reducer with their system has lubrication, and is covered by the company’s standard lifetime warranty.