Pressure-Reducing Valves Allow Flexibility In Pressures

New pressure-reducing valves allow operating a single clamp, or group of clamps, at a lower pressure than the rest of the fixture's clamping elements. These valves can also be used to facilitate the operation of multiple fixtures at different pressure settings, using just one hydraulic power unit.
Three new designs are available—cartridge type, pipe connection type and manifold-mounted type. All can be used on pallet fixtures disconnected from a power source, since no return line is needed. The output pressure setting range on the new valves is 450 to 5,500 psi, with a maximum operating pressure of 7,500 psi.
By adjusting the downstream pressure, fine-tuning of the clamping force is allowed for selected components while keeping others at full pressure. The reduced pressure is held to an exact setting, regardless of the input pressure to these valves, which have a zero leakage poppet design.

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