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Probe Can Reduce Scanning Time By As Much As 50 Percent

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Laser Design’s SLP-330 Scanning Laser Probe is designed for use with the Romer CimCore Infinite, 3000i and Stinger II portable CMM articulating arms. It provides the capability to scan parts with dimensions as long as 12' without moving the base of the arm (or parts of virtually any size if the arm is moved). Dual detectors view the laser line from two different angles, thus reducing the number of scanning passes required to capture steep sidewalls and deep geometries, the company says.


Depending upon the application, the probe captures as many as 50,000 points per second. In addition to being integrated with Romer CimCore arms, the probe interfaces with the company’s Surveyor 3D scanning systems and the Renishaw PH10 indexing system. Romer CimCore Infinite articulating arms are available with measuring ranges of 6', 8', 9', 10' and 12'. The arms feature Romer’s customized infinite rotation of the principal axes that allows inspection of hard-to-reach areas and is said to prevent damaging the arm against rotational hard stops.


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