Probes for Coating Thickness Gages

Originally titled 'Probes for Coating Thickness Gages'

Elcometer will highlight its new Elcometer 456 Ultra/Scan probes for use with its 456 range of coating thickness gages.

Elcometer will highlight the Elcometer 456 ultra/scan probes for use with its 456 range of coating thickness gages. Available in steel-only and dual steel-and-aluminum options, the probes enable users to take individual readings or to rapidly scan large surface areas without damaging the probe or the coating.

In “scan” mode, users can slide the probe over the entire surface area and once the probe is lifted off the surface, the gage will display the average coating thickness value as well as the highest and lowest thickness values for online inspection. When the probe is placed on the coated substrate in “auto repeat” mode, the gage automatically takes readings until the probe is removed from the substrate, and each individual reading is stored in the memory. This mode can be used to speed up and document the inspection of virtually everything from automobiles to refrigerators, the company says.

When used in conjunction with ElcoMaster 2.0 software, readings can be downloaded in real time to a smartphone, tablet device or PC. The free software program stores inspection readings including dry film thickness, adhesion, cleanliness, climate, surface profile and more. It also offers in-built report templates and easy access of all data, images and other associated files.

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