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Product Line Lubricates, Cleans, Protects

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Oelheld’s LubTool line includes products for lubricating, cleaning and protecting parts from corrosion.

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Oelheld’s LubTool line includes products for lubricating, cleaning and protecting parts from corrosion. The company’s LubTool 2000 is a fully synthetic, polyalphaolefin-based lubricating oil that lubricates, cleans, protects and removes corrosion, even in low temperatures. The oil is free of silicon, acids and resins, and is neutral to all common plastic and elastomeric materials, the company says.

LubTool 4000 features a combination of active cleaning components for removing a range of contaminants. It is suitable for cleaning soiled machinery components as well as removing resin, oil and grease; most coatings; and paints and crayon marks. It can also be used for surface preparation prior to bonding and painting. The cleaner does not contain hydrocarbons and evaporates residue-free, the company says.

LubTool 6000 forms a thin, grease-like protective film to protect metal parts from corrosion during long-term storage indoors or outdoors. The coating does not contain FHC, CHC or FCHC and does not form resins. According to the company, the product can be easily removed after long-term storage, and treated parts can be cut via wire EDM without removing the coating.


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