Product Line Now Includes HMCs

Like other machines in the Nexus line, the Nexus HCN-6000 HMC features advanced integral spindle/motor technology (50 hp, 10,000 rpm maximum speed) with a 50-taper spindle. The spindle maintains a stable operating temperature in high speed machining conditions because of an integrated spindle chiller unit and oil/air lubrication system for the spindle bearings. Pallet size is 19.69" × 19.69", and maximum workpiece dimensions are 35.43" in diameter and 39.37" in height.

With a standard 43-tool magazine (60, 80 and 120-tool magazines are available options), the HMC brings a range of horizontal machining tasks to work, according to the company. Maximum tool length is 19.69" and maximum diameter is 4.92" (9.84" if the adjacent tool pockets are empty). A standard two-pallet changer holds a maximum load of 2,200 lbs and changes positions in 9 seconds. Loading and unloading one pallet while the second undergoes machining maximizes machine uptime.

Operating the machine is also environmentally friendly, the company says. Using grease lubrication on the linear guides and ballscrews produces a 96 percent reduction in disposal oils and air consumption has been decreased 36 percent. The maintenance panel is uncovered for quick visual checking, and units required to access the HMC for maintenance are grouped in one section of the machine. The machine is 111" wide.

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