Production Cleaners

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The company says that its line of production cleaners was designed to address virtually every cleaning need that arises in the manufacturing environment, from machine parts and surfaces to floors and walls.


The Cimclean M series - Ma 338, Ma 359, Ma 322 and Ma 360 - is a line of liquid cleaning compounds and corrosion inhibitors designed for use in high-pressure production spray washers. This line can be utilized to remove coolants, machining floods and honing oils from machined, metal surfaces.


The series of floor cleaners - Fc 35, Fc 42, Fc 44, Fc 46, Fc 60 and Fc 79- are specifically intended for use in mechanical floor scrubbers to remove grease, oil and shop dirt from concrete, woodblock, terrazzo and vinyl floor tiles. They can also clean metals, plastics, finished wood and most painted surfaces.


The company also developed Cimclean HA 406, a heavy-duty, non-silicated, non-phosphated, chelated caustic cleaner, used for the removal of rust and pigmented drawing as well as swedging compounds from steel.


The product line also includes HA484, an alkaline cleaning compound used for cleaning machining coolants, drawing compounds and oils from aluminum, steel, brass or galvanized surfaces; and DG 80, a heavy-duty degreaser and general purpose cleaner. The HA 484 compound can be used in dip or soak operations.