Programmable, Non-Contact Tool Verification

The programmable capability of the Mida Laser 75P non-contact tool setting system enables the device to adapt to the tool type under verification, the tool rotation speed used during machining and the desired measuring cycle. The system has a shutter design that protects the laser from coolant contamination via a tunnel-air-effect technology. Typical uses of the tool setting system include tool identification; tool breakage detection; presetting unknown tools; tool dynamic length and diameter measurement; tool wear compensation; tool cutting edge profile integrity verification; and machine axis thermal-drift compensation. A microprocessor integrated into the unit’s electronic interface filters noise coming from coolant and chips. The system is available with a collimated or focused laser beam. The focused model is designed for cutting edge integrity verification and length measurements of chisel or rounded nose tools in addition to tools with a diameter of less than 1 mm.

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