Protect Sensitive Design Information

With the increasing circulation of CAD files and other sensitive technical data throughout manufacturing supply chains, companies face the risk of costly exposures and losses. To address this concern, Pinion software offers a Technical Rights Management (TRM) software solution designed to restrict access to sensitive information while allowing contractors to work with and review files in their native format. The solution consist of the Pinion Packager and the Pinion Receiver. The Packager allows content owners to impose in-use permissions to determine what recipients may or may not do with sensitive files. Examples include specifying how long recipients can work with a file before it self-destructs, whether the recipient can save changes and whether the recipient can use clipboard functions such as cutting and pasting. Similarly to the Adobe Reader, the Receiver enables recipients to view and work with files in their native applications, but only to the extent allowed by the permissions. The freely distributed application supports a number of CAD viewers and business applications, including Pro/Engineer, PTC ProductView, Autodesk Design Review, Autodesk TrueView, SolidWorks eDrawings and Macromedia Flash.