Pump and Filter Unit

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The new pump/filter unit PFA-1004 is designed to filter sludge and fines from cutting oils and water-based coolant discharged from a chip spinner or chip compactor, and pumps the filtered liquid to a clean coolant tank anywhere in the shop. The pump/filter unit contains a rugged, high-flow rate diaphragm pump and a high-capacity bag filter, mounted in a compact frame. The self-priming pump pulls the cutting oil or coolant from the spiner or compactor liquid reservoir, through the bag filter, which removes chips, fines and sludge s fine as five microns and continuously pumps the filtered liquid to the clean liquid tank at a flow rate of ten gallons per minute. The 20 X 20 inch unit, which weighs 40 pounds, is set up to run by connecting a 1/4-inch compressed air line. All required hoses and fittings are supplied. Routine maintenance consists of changing or emptying the filter bag when the pumping rate slows. Each filter bag has a handle for lifting without contacting the filter cake. If the solids in the bag are relatively free of sticky material, the bag may be emptied and reused several times. The diaphragm pump has a custion lift of 15 feet and may be run dry or dead-ended without damage. Other applications for the line of pump filter units include cleaning settled sludge or chips from sumps without shoveling or raking and without pumping out the sumps, and continuously supplying filtered coolant to the inlet of the coolant pump to minimize solids in the coolant pumping circuit and greatly reduce the solids load on the high pressure filter.

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