Punching Machine For New Sheet Metal Processors

An entry-level punching machine developed for small companies looking to begin sheet metal processing, the Trumatic 1000 R has a working range of 50" × 80". It features punching speeds as high as 600 hits per minute and an automatic toolchanger, as well as all-tool rotation capability.


Operators can use the company’s Multishear for edging work and the Multibend for bending. Also available are tools for extrusions, threads and forming. In addition, the Multitool allows as many as ten different punches to be integrated at one tool station. The Multitool also enables the machine’s linear magazine to accommodate as many as 150 tools.


Designed for ease of use, two versions of programming software come standard with the machine. A simplified version is used for most parts, while ToPs 300 basic is used for more complex components. 


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